Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I am a student studying at Bath Spa University for an MA Design: Textiles. This blog will show the online development of my research and progression of my creative work throughout the course. I am a knitter, and am fascinated by constructed and constructing textiles.

My aim is to create an aesthetically pleasing design based on three dimensional mathematical principles. I have always felt that writing a knitting pattern is akin to writing a formula that allows me to calculate a unique equation, or in this case, creation. Can knitting be scientific? Can maths be beautiful? By blurring the lines between the 'domestic' and the 'academic' I intend to create a formula that satisfies everyone, communicating unfamiliar ideas through accessible design.

Here are some recent samples I have been working on:

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  1. Well done Mrs.
    See it's easy, you'll be a pro in no time!!
    x x x