Friday, 5 November 2010

rearranging formulae: unwrapping books

Back in April I went to see this exhibition at the O3 Gallery in Oxford.

Science and maths books were donated by Oxford University Press, selected by Robert Fox (Emeritus Professor of the History of Science) and then given to participating artists.
In keeping with the logic and order associated with these disciplines, the books were wrapped, allocated a number at random and then distributed to the artists in numerical/ alphabetical order.

Here are some of the artists responses to the books they were given:

I love these images. It was fantastic to find an exhibition that related so directly to my area of research with such a diverse range of artists participating. Once again I could see elements of my own work within several of these pieces.

My design

The use of mirror reflection, light and transparency in these objects relates back to my observations of Blanka Sperkova's work, and once again highlights a direction in which I would like to take my own.

The other part of this exhibition I really liked was the accompanying booklet that was essential to viewing and understanding the work on display. It held a chart, set out like a periodic table, which corresponded each number, book and art work to each other. I like the fact that the viewer was given an key to unlock the mystery of this show.

This exhibition was held as part of the Oxford Science Festival, which runs every year so I will be looking out for more events here in 2011.

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  1. Its a great pleasure to read about the intelligent and creative work you're doing and communicating. Well done!